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A new season of lectures is underway at The Cass HotHouse, encouraging dialogue between design education and industry (and with a smart new poster designed by Regular Practice to boot)...

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Easing the transition for graduates from the realm of design education into the world of work has long been an important task for universities and art colleges; it's a tough world out there, and making your first steps into the professional field can often be as nerve-wracking as it is exhilarating. The Cass at London Metropolitan University are attempting to bridge this divide with their HotHouse initiative, which fosters a space for exchange between design education and industry with a range of workshops, lectures, talks and live projects with design practitioners.

Regular lectures and talks from practicing designers and illustrators are a mainstay of the HotHouse's activities, and the 2017/18 programme of lectures are now up and running, and free to attend both for Cass students and everyone else. The line-up for the coming months includes designers Kellenberger-White, art director Serena Wise, ad agency Mother London and The National Theatre's graphic design studio. 

The Cass have enlisted London-based design studio Regular Practice to create a handsome poster for the lecture series, featuring bespoke typography. Kristoffer Sølling of Regular Practice explains: “The main slab type for the poster is based on lettering found on a 1930s poster for the United States Travel Bureau (see below) — the narrow E and tooth-less C seemed especially appealing to us. A letter like this is quickly extrapolated into an entire alphabet. The poster comes to read a bit like a playbill, both in terms of the slab type but also the content, a list of names and dates. With such blocky letters it seemed effective to pair them with a more calligraphic modulated type that could break the restrictive baseline grid.”

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See America: Welcome to Montana, WPA poster, ca. 1937, by R Halls

You can book a free ticket to one of the forthcoming Cass Hothouse Lectures and other HotHouse related events on Eventbrite here.

The Cass HotHouse

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