Camille Vignaud

Camille Vignaud (aka La Chambre Graphique) produces exquisite print work that you just want to pick up and stroke. With an attention to detail that takes your breath away, it's no surprise that clients are queuing up to collaborate.

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Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I studied at the ECV school in Paris where I graduated from, and after a few internships I decided to work as a freelance designer with my friend Charlotte. This was La Chambre Graphique’s beginning. After a year, Charlotte went on another adventure and I decided to keep the name and continue working as a freelance designer. And after seven years of beautiful encounters and projects, Charlotte is back.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a graphic designer?
I never realised that I wanted to be a graphic designer, I just felt that I wanted to do something creative. I somehow just fell into art direction and graphic design in my professional life.

Can you describe your studio space and what’s currently on your desk?
I'm working at home, I need a calm and clean workspace. It helps me connect to my emotions and intuitions. The calm before the storm…

Of course when I'm working on ideas I’m really messy, because I need to have paper, textures, colors and books in front of me, it helps me to connect ideas (I clean up when I‘m done).

Your work is very tactile and is beautifully considered, what’s your typical starting point for a project?
My starting point of all the project is my intuition. I think that to a certain extent my artistic work is a red string in my professional work.

La Chambre Graphique is made of unexpected encounters and artistic sensibility. I truly believe in chance and in my lucky star. That’s why I translated the line of this story through my first font ‘The happy chances of encounters’.

And I really want to give a chance to the new duo with Charlotte to take La Chambre Graphique to new horizons, to be a little more ‘bold’.

What would be your dream commission?
I dont’t have a dream commission because I let encounters carry me…My dream is more to show my artistic work and live in the middle of the forest just behind the sea… can a dream be a commission?

And who would you most like to collaborate with?
Ok so...I would love to have the chance to collaborate with luxury French or international brands, and I would also love to create more books for museums or institutions.

But it’s not really a goal, but if it happens I would be very proud and happy, as with all the projects I’ve had the opportunity to do.

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Where do you go to be inspired?
I find inspiration in books, at the library, in museums (when I have time to go). I find inspiration in every moment in my life.. it is everywhere and often in the smallest, most insignificant thing.

Are you a collector, and if so what do you collect?
BOOKS of course, it's an old collection that my father started. He had too many books and I grew up between those and the vinyl – a true 80s kid. Books are very important to me, they have been my gateway to art, imagination and thus the creation.

What’s next for you?
I have a notebook and on the cover are the words ‘Expect the unexpected’. It’s a good definition of my life philosophy.

And I hope to start showing my artistic work and to see Japan.

I feel very lucky with what I do for my actual clients, and I hope it continues.

See more of Camille's exquisitely crafted work at and follow her on Instagram here.

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La Chambre Graphique 2018 Greeting card – type specimen of typography ' La Chambre"

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