Emma Larsson

In today's Talent we meet Stockholm-based artist Emma Larsson, whose enigmatic ink and watercolour studies dance the fine line between figuration and abstraction...

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Describe your work in three words…
Impulsive, dreamy, unworldly.

How would you describe your working process, and what are your tools of the trade?
I always start off with a blank sheet or a lump of clay, not really knowing what's gonna come out of it. I let my emotions and my mood guide the process in every moment. My tools of the trade are any media that I have at hand; clay, watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, collage paper etc. And, of course, my imagination...

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What's the relationship between your two- and three-dimensional work, and how do your thought processes differ when working with ceramics as opposed to paper-based media?
All my works are just fractions of who I am, emerging from the same work flow. Honestly, I don't see or feel any difference. Same universe.

What role does experimentation play in your practice?
I experiment all the time. It's an essential and constant part of developing.

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Describe your workspace to us…
I have two main workspaces. One is a room in home with all my watercolours and inks. I need to have access to this 24/7. I also have a studio for my acrylic and oil works, in which I store all my sculpture works as well.

What drew you to start working with watercolors?
Many years ago, I was actually disgusted just by the thought of it. The boring tradition is aquarelle techniques…but today, happily, I know better. I had a period of depression and I really feel that the watercoloring helped me endure and to get back on track. Now I'm stuck with it, and I'm so thankful for it.

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Your recent work has included experimentation with collage – what inspired you to start working in this way?
One day, while reading a magazine I realized there were so many interesting and beautiful shapes that I wanted to composite to new creations.

Tell us about your work with SHOWstudio…
Photographer Nick Knight asked me to freely interpret the A/W menswear collections at Paris Fashion Week 2017. I really enjoyed that week and I would love to do it again!

What would be your dream project?
In fact, I'm working on a dream project at this moment: a vast commissioned work for an art collector in LA, to decorate her new house.

Emma Larsson

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